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If your company is stock market listed we can offer loans that are backed by these securities. Our loan facility uses equities as loan collateral including those held back in treasury for a fixed period, typically a term of 1 to 5 years. With loans up to 250 Million on bespoke terms.

We provide several financing models including repurchases agreements (repos), reverse repos and collateralised stock loans whereby ownership of the securities remains with the borrower. Securities-backed loans provide several benefits. They can offer the borrower substantially lower interest rates and reduced risk relative to alternatives like a margin loan. Additionally, they offer greater flexibility in repayment and provide a cure period to meet demands for additional collateral.

Funding can be dynamic with loans closing in as little as 8 business days. Global custodians are used where collateral is segregated and borrower has online access to pledged securities. We work with a pool of lenders and we fund against publicly traded securities traded on most world public exchanges. The minimum loan size is 1 Million US with a maximum loan size of 250 Million.

Loan terms are based on evaluation of the risk and future performance associated with the securities held as collateral. Loans are interest only and non-recourse, the borrower has the option of simply walking away at anytime with no further liability. In the event of a loan default there is no reporting to credit reference agencies or governmental departments and no public notice. There is no adverse consequence to the borrowers credit rating.













​Key advantages of a security backed loan is if your companies stock appreciates during the loan term, your company retains 100% of the market value at maturity. If the stock depreciates the loan is non recourse.

Our loans are also non-purpose, it allows the corporate borrower to use the loan proceeds for whatever and any purpose.

Whether used for business expansion, to retire more expensive debt, our corporate clients have total flexibility with their capital.

Global custodians are used where collateral is segregated and borrower has online access to pledged securities.


We fund against publicly traded securities traded on most world public exchanges.

A company can walk away from repaying the loan at any time without any risk to business assets or credit history.


Private Clients


For high net worth individuals our flexible solutions are discreet and competitive.


Securities backed loans may be used for any purpose, including real estate investments, bridge loans, personal expenses, business expansion, debt/loan consolidation, luxury purchases or simply providing a hedge for your current investment portfolio.

Finding liquidity using traditional lending sources can be challenging, expensive and time consuming.


Banks and stock brokerage houses are an option, but typically have a large amount of red tape to navigate, less-than-desirable interest rates and LTV ratios and may involve intrusive credit checks.

Asian Pacific Exchanges

Australian Stock Exchange

Jakarta Stock Exchange or New Name Indonesia Stock Exchange

Nagoya Stock Exchange

Osaka Securities Exchange

Tokyo Grain Exchange

Tokyo Stock Exchange

Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange

New Zealand Stock Exchange

Singapore International Monetary Exchange Ltd. (SIMEX)

Taiwan Stock Exchange

The Stock Exchange of Thailand

Hong Kong Stock Exchange

Philipine Stock Exchange

European Exchanges

NASDAQ OMX Nordic Exchange


Euronext (Amsterdam, Brussels, Dublin, Lisbon, Oslo, Paris)

EASDAQ/Euronext Brussels

OMX Copenhagen

Helsinki Stock Exchange

Paris Stock Exchange / CAC40


LesEchos: 30-minute delayed prices

London Stock Exchange

Frankfurt Stock Exchange Deutsche Boerse (include other Majors too)

Athens Stock Exchange

Italian Stock Exchange / Borsa Italiana

Barcelona Stock Exchange

Madrid Stock Exchange

Stockholm Stock Exchange

Swiss Exchange

Istanbul Stock Exchange

Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE)

Euoronext (3,379 stocks) formerly Amsterdam Stock Exchange

Luxembourg Stock Exchange

Wiener Boerse

Tallinn Stock Exchange

Riga Stock Exchange

Vilnius Stock Exchange

Iceland Stock Exchange

Armenia Securities Exchange

Oslo Stock Exchange

Euronext Dublin (formerly The Irish Stock Exchange)

Euronext Lisbon

Ukrainian Stock Exchange

The International Stock Exchange

Rest of the World Exchanges

Toronto Stock Exchange

TSX Venture Exchange

Montreal Exchange

Mexico Stock Exchange BMV

Mexico Stock Exchange BIVA

Brazil Stock Market B3

Buenos Aires Stock Exchange (BCBA)


Colombia Stock Exchange

Lima Stock Exchange

Jordan Stock Exchange

Kuwait Stock Exchange

Muscat Stock Exchange

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