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International Currency Transfers and payment solutions 

International payments with offices in Gibraltar and London. At Incedo FX we offer a simple, secure and reliable international payments service.


Whether your priority is speed, managing your FX risk or ease of use, your personal Account Manager will be there every step of the way, simplifying the process of making and receiving payments from all over the world.

Whether you are looking to pay international suppliers, make regular payments to overseas employees, or repatriate overseas revenue, we have the solutions for you.

Whether you're an individual or big company, a SME, or a start-up, Incedo FX can work for your company. Easily manage and automate tedious payment processes so your business, and keep pace with the rate of change.

Schedule payments with confidence to over 180 countries via international wires, local bank transfers or ACH

Access to 38 currencies means we’ve got you covered in all major markets

Choose your speed: standard or priority, for online payments delivered in less than 2 days

• Receive funds from international marketplaces with our local currency accounts

• We work with many industries and sectors

• Pay out locally or globally

• Repatriate your earnings using our secure 24/7 online platform

• Dedicated customer service

Funds can be collected in 38 currencies, many of which are not commonly collected by banks, across many emerging market currencies.

You can collect funds from clients and suppliers in local currency to an FX collection account in your name, or use our competitive exchange rates to transfer funds to another business account.

Repatriation of your funds is fast with 24/7 online access, drawing on our payment technology powered by Currency Cloud and requiring only an ongoing payment instruction.

Live spot rates, please call for a quote

Get more for your money with our excellent rates with lowest rates

Fast, reliable transfers over the phone or online anytime and anyplace


Move money quickly and securely, with no hassle, flexible and fast.


Spot Contracts

We secure you the most competitive exchange rate available whenever you need to make an immediate transfer.

Forward Contracts

Budget effectively and protect your funds from negative market shifts by fixing an exchange rate for up to one year in advance of making a transfer.

Market Orders

Target an exchange rate higher than the current rate and we’ll automatically execute your transfer if the market reaches that level.

Market Insight

Latest currency news and ensuring you benefit from the expert insight of a dedicated Account Manager, we can help your business time its currency transfers more effectively.

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