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Eligibility criteria

A minimum of six months’ trading history

Director guarantees required on every loan

At least one director must reside in the UK

Loan amount must not exceed 2 x typical monthly revenue

£250,000 - £500,000

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We've helped many businesses secure the finance they need to grow.

Everyday we help lots of businesses just like yours get the funding they need. From start-ups to well established companies, we can help your business grow.

Unsecured or secured options

Both our loans come as either unsecured or secured. Borrowers can borrow on an unsecured basis of up to £250,000, over a maximum of a 3 years.

Our rates start from 0.9% per month and go up to a maximum rate of 3.9% depending on the strength of the business.

Top-ups & repayment holidays

Flexibility is what we stand for, which is why we offer top-ups and repayment holidays on all our products.

Decisions in 24 hours

We will work hard to ensure you have a decision, and sometimes even funds, within 24 hours.

Repay early, repay less

Our Penalty-Free Promise means that borrowers only pay interest for the time they had the loan, so if they repay early, they’ll repay less overall.

No hidden fees, ever

We pride ourselves on transparency, so you’ll never find any hidden fees or shady smallprint in our loan agreements.



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